Monday, July 7, 2014

Where To Buy Led Zeppelin Custom Hand-Painted T-shirts

Whole Lotta Neb
That red shirt is from Zeppelin's appearances at the legendary Knebworth Festival 1979, a two-day gathering that occurred which August in Hertfordshire, England, and attracted well over 200, 000 fans to catch your band's first concerts in 2 yrs. After Knebworth, they would only step out on one more final excursion, the following year's Tour In excess of Europe.

Bend Over
This is a rare relic from Tour Over The European union 1980, Zeppelin's final trek. The three-week jaunt across Germany and through a few other European cities drew into a close on June 7 in Berlin -- the final show all four members actually played together (the site better? 'Whole Lotta Love'). Own an item of history for a mere $5, 000!

Across the Atlantic
We're unclear if it was a mere coincidence that '88 shirt was made within the same year that the about three surviving members of Zeppelin ended up joined on stage by John Bonham's son to execute at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary party in NY -- if nothing else, it's a minimum of good timing. That five-song "reunion" performance was widely considered a little shaky, though, and comeback gigs since then have been few and far between.

D'yer Mak'er
The perfect gift for those Zeppelin-loving hippies available, this '80s vintage T-shirt capabilities the black-and-white image from 'Led Zeppelin' printed over a red-and-yellow tie-dye job. A beautiful shirt that will only cost you $200. On second thought, for the kind of loot forget the hippies -- hang on to this one for oneself.

Tried and True
It doesn't get much a lot more straightforward than this vintage '70s tee shirt, with the Swan Man along with 'IV' symbols printed in yellow over a black-and-white shirt with three-quarter masturbator sleeves. A classic!
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